August 1, 2012

Surprise Parties

For about three years, my friends and I have been addicted to surprise parties.

We've thrown surprise parties for the following reasons:

1) Two people had top ten hits in foreign countries at the same time… thus, it was necessary we have a Norwegian and Canadian themed surprise party.  Duh.

2) One friend got a new job. 

3) Another thought he was going to a bbq for his wife’s work… and then we hopped out of the woods and held him hostage at a cabin for 48 hours. (It was his 30th bday… and we had already celebrated it once… so it was the ULTIMATE surprise)

4) Another thought he was going to watch a game with a buddy and then we all parked at a nearby church and jumped out from behind the friend's kitchen counter.  (It was his 27th bday)

5) Three ladies turned 30 in the same summer (they knew we were celebrating but the events were a surprise.)

6) Another friend turned 30.  He may or may not have been greeted in the drive with a live mariachi band.

7) A friend moved away (for the 2nd time)… and thus, needed to be surprised on the balcony of a local restaurant... obviously.

8) (Insert a few more birthdays here)

9) The most elaborate surprise I've been involved in thus far, was when we surprised my sister for her 30th on Martha's Vineyard.  That involved planes, ferries and automobiles. Casually walking into a random pub on an island to find your aunt and two sisters (who live in 3 different states) sitting there...Amazing...

10) And then most recently....a  surprise engagement party. (As in, the party ran up a hill to greet the newly engaged couple thirty seconds after the proposal... don't worry the groom planned it; we didn't just bust-in on their special moment or anything.) That surprise was truly epic and I can't believe none of us spilled the beans.

Soooo... what I'm trying to tell you is that surprise parties are awesome and you should plan one immediately.  New job?  Surprise party.  New dog? Surprise party. New member of a gym? Why not? Surprise them.

And just because I love you (and can identify with Kristen Wiig's character, Sue, SOOO much) I just spent half an hour tracking down this video for you.  The next five minutes of your life just got a little more awesome. You're welcome.



-Emily- said...

I've always love surprise parties!!! hahahaha! I love the one about the person being greeted by the mariachi band. I will so have to use that one. Hilarious.

Alli said...

That video just made my day. Thank you for that.

Libby A. said...

hahahahaha love that skit!

Myra said...

How am I JUST finding your blog?! I LOVE SURPRISE PARTIES. Even if there's no real reason.

I think your post just made me want to throw a party...

Meagan Murtagh said...

oh my.
i just peed my pants a little

Sara said...

Oh the memories :) Its been about a month, we're probably due for another, huh?

Treasure Tromp said...

I am the worst at planning surprise parties. I just never know what they will like!!

vintage grey said...

What fun!! Loved the video! So funny!! xo Heather

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

And throwing surprise parties! :)

I love how you guys throw them all the time.
How freaking fun are you guys?!


the little things said...

you just pushed me on to definitely through brian a surprise party for his 30th in a year and a half. yes i have been planning a party for 2 years! no i don't judge myself for it. 30 is a big deal right!

i was contemplating him knowing about it, but now i am sure it HAS to be a surprise!

itsmekt said...

I LOVE surprise parties! no ones ever thrown me one, I think id DIE from being so embarassed not a fan of center of attention LOL ..

I tagged you in a post on my blog,

Allison Clements said...

Love the surprise part clip!! :)

New follower-nice to meet you.

Celeste said...

That is AWESOME! I have never had or even been a part of throwing a surprise life feels super lame now. And that skit seriously had me shaking at my desk I was laughing so hard. Oops!

Shug in Boots said...

eek. hubs is turnin 30 next year and i'm already stressed about this. he doesn't so much love surprises, and he doesn't make a big deal of bdays but i'll feel like a bad wife if i don't do something phenomenal.