June 12, 2012

4 Things You Really Must Know About...

1) I spotted this in my neighborhood today.  Reason #3,275,654 why I love my side of town. To all you fancy West Nashville folks: be jealous.  Be very jealous. 

2) My cat drawing came in.  It's basically the best $9.95 we've ever spent.  So.. .without further adieu, here is my "Dancing Cat While Eating Chips and Salsa and Surfing the Internet" 

It's everything I could have hoped for. 

3)  A few weeks ago I found a hilarious "mommy blog" that was right up my alley.  It's semi-rare that I find a "mom blog" that fits my style.  I like honest, raw, truth-be-told kind of blogs. Anyone who is willing to tell an embarrassing story about themselves, is my type of person.  Point being, this woman wrote a post about what her life is really like HERE and I immediately fell in love.  When I realized she had written a book, I knew I wanted it.  So, I entered a giveaway she was hosting, and 4 hours later I won!!  When I returned from Africa this was waiting for me in my mailbox:

AND it was signed by her AND her kids:

Does a giveaway get any better than a book signed by the author AND her children?!!?  Amazing. And let me say, that I'm thoroughly enjoying this book.  It's hilarious, inspirational, real, and comforting.   Also, it's worth mentioning that Wendy was a child actress and starred in shows like The New Lassie, Wonder Years, and Growing Pains and she has an amazing series on her blog where she shows pictures and talks about growing up in Hollywood.  (For all you 70's / 80's babies... get ready to seriously swoon.) All this to say, you MUST read her blog and you REALLY MUST go get her book.

4) I found this book at a used bookstore recently:

It's a picture book for grownups.  (Note that I originally wrote: adult picture book and then realized that was highly misleading.)

This vintage book is now on my list of all-time favorites.  Written and illustrated by Trina Paulus, this tale follows a caterpillar on his journey towards his future.  It hits your gut in a unique way and makes you seriously learn something about yourself.  To top it all off, the inside of this book has a precious note from one friend (Ginny Bell) to another (Lois).  (Hello, amazing names!) The note itself is truly inspiring.

Quite a find.  

Alright, with the exception of the massive cucumber my garden threw up this morning and a stranger's marriage proposal I received in Ghana last week, you're pretty much caught up on everything :)

Happy Wednesday!

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megan james said...

Way to go, Ginny Bell. Thank for making me cry!!!!!!

Danielle said...

I feel like that's a book enscription I would write to you right now....so good.

Hannah said...

I love your blog. I'm a new mommy! How do you like the Totally Desperate Mom book and Hope for Flowers? I love reading although now its more books on tape :)

JMc said...

Oh my, that double-decker-travel-bus-van is epic, lol. That would make for some entertaining vacations.

Melissa said...

Love the book recommendations and that inscription? So so sweet. New follower!

TDM Wendy said...

That bus/van ensemble is completely awesome. I am jealous straight out of Cali. Nor Cal.
And thanks for the shout out-glad you like the sigs. I think Lydia might be a famous jump roper some day so that could be worth some serious cash.

Ariel Tyler said...

That bus/ car/ van thing is fantastic. I don't really know what it is, but I think I like it. haha!

Sara said...

I would pay a lot of money to see how the inside of the van-on-top-of-bus looks and works.

Stefanie Cross said...

So glad you found my blog! I LOVE yours!! I am def now a follower! And Hope for the Flowers is one of my all time favs too!! Can't wait to read more of your posts!