March 19, 2012

No Court

Court did not end up happening last week.  
It was a huge disappointment... but... the most amazing blessing occurred the same day that court was pushed back! Our awesome coordinator (who lives in Oklahoma) just happened to be in Ghana and got to go hold our precious little one!  According to her, Abiella looks very healthy and has been growing significantly. 
Woohoo!!!  We even got an updated photo!!!  
She looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful and she's in the most darling little dress.  Very, very, very exciting!

This report gave us something to hold on to, immense joy and a deep sense of gratitude.  
Thank God! 

Now we're crossing our fingers (and praying) that court happens SOON. LIKE REALLY, REALLY SOOOON!!

Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers during this process :)  It really means so much.

Love ,


Danielle said...

Love you lots lots lots

hannah singer said...

praying!! glad to hear she's healthy and growing, that's so encouraging for you xo

Stephanie said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way that everything will work out soon, and that you will be able to hold your sweet little one before you know it.

Kara said...

Ah! So ready for you and Abi to be together!

three little birds said...

Mae, I just spent the past hour (or two??!!) reading through your adoption journey. I am so glad you found my blog! I am so sorry this wait has been so long and so excruciating, I know that pain so well. I am thinking of you tonight and hoping for some good news for both of us soon!