March 20, 2012

Getting Real with Maddie from Thriftary

Happy Tuesday folks! Last Tuesday we started a new series called "Getting Real." This series is a place to share who we really are as women, give the reader a sneak peak into the nitty-gritty of our lives, lose the perfectly edited photos, and just "get real."  Every Tuesday for 4 weeks, one of my favorite bloggers is contributing to this series.  Ahh!! Last week, the fabulous contributor was Erin from Living in Yellow. You can find her "Getting Real" post HERE.  

Today, we have the amazing Maddie from Thriftary!  WOOHOO!!! A while back I started reading Thriftary and it opened up the world of blogging for me.  Maddie had a page where she listed some of her favorite blogs, and I quickly became obsessed with each one... A few months later, I got the itch to start my own blog and well... here we are.   Guess Thriftary was the gateway blog for me... When I asked Mrs.Thriftary if she'd be willing to contribute to the series, I knew her response would be good, but I didn't know it would be this good.  This post is a gem folks. A gem. I've been dying to post it all week.  So... (drum roll please) let's

Oh Man - What an honor to be over at Two Toots and a Holler today!

Haha - Just making sure you are awake.

Two Hoots and a Holler is one of my most favorite blogs on the planet, written by one of the most talented and famous women in the world. So seriously... an honor.

About getting real...

I feel like this is something we bloggers pretend to do a lot in blogosphere, but very rarely achieve. I am not counting myself out of this group, because I do it, you do it, we all do it!!
It's like going on an interview, where the boss-man asks you "What are your top three weaknesses?" and you respond with something secretly self-complimentary like .... "I am SUCH a multi-tasker that time management seems to get the best of me sometimes when I do SO MUCH all at ONCE!"
We've all been there.

But for this reason, I am so thankful for Mae Mae in taking a timeout and causing us to re-focus on why we blog. And why we read blogs. Because we love to stalk. We love to know that people out there are just like us. We like to know that some people have days where they never leave their PJs. We like to know that someone who is 25 JUST learned how to do a basic curl in their hair. We like to know that other start projects that they just can't get around to finishing... EVER!!! We are all similar... Some of us just choose to only show the good stuff.

But today is dedicated to telling the real story. True Life... Maddie @ Thriftary.... Comin' atcha.

1. Burley and I drive cars like this. They are from the 1990s. Do you know how long ago that is?
It doesn’t SOUND that long ago... but it is now over over a decade. Scary, I know.
But alas, these are the cars we have driven. Ol' greenie has since been sold. We now drive this Subaru that makes a lot of cute noises. Be jealous.

2. When I take pictures, there is always a million horrible ones for every good ONE I post. See below for a GORGEOUS example. Yup. Burley still married that crazy face.

Speaking of Burley... He's not perfect either.... Sorry, love.

Most of the time, the photos on my blog were taken by me, myself, and I. Yes… even all the embarrassing ones where I am posing, smiling, winking, acting surprised (these are the worst) and trying to act cute. All by myself. Usually Mace Face will watch me, which makes me feel even more conceited and dumb. But these are the things we have to do. Or do we? I don’t' know… but I do them. I figure you don’t want to scroll through posts of horrible awkward and sad faces.

So I take these…

3. There are a lot of days where I have nothing to post about… Most days. I think this is a truth that a lot of bloggers face but don’t post about (because we are too busy posting about other things… That we come up with… when there’s nothing REALLY important to say). Some nights, I stay home and watch 30 Rock re-runs and don’t even think about sewing. A lot of nights, I go to coffee shops and think about things other than clothes, my house, crafts, etc…  A lot of nights… I go out and have a blast and I don’t want to be THAT girl who is taking pictures for her blog the whole time. These things may make me a HORRIBLE life style blogger. But it’s the truth. Blogging is a way for me to share about life, things that I enjoy, creativity that I think the world should be in on. Some days, the juices just don’t flow.

So I post things that other people have posted and I give them credit and thank them for their dedication to blogging. Thanks everyone else!

4. And lastly… I take a lot of pictures of crafts I do, updates around the loft, pretty table settings… etc. But normally, RIGHT outside the camera shot, my house looks like this:

Well… the boxes are because I'm currently moving… but you get the picture… (no pun intended…).

That’s all I got for you today, folks.

Thanks, Mae Mae, for letting me stop by! And thanks for being my sister (aaaaaaaaah! Secret’s out!!!!)

And you crazy kids should hop on over to Thriftary and chat with me sometime!

See?  I told you she's fantastic.
 Love you sister!!
You rock my world

Now, head on over to Maddie's blog  and poke around for a while.   It'll be one of the best hours of your day... I guarantee it.

Much Love folks,
See you tomorrow!



Danielle said...

amazing! Love the picture of Maddie with the jacket over her shoulder! xo

Allyson said...

This is such a great post! I tend to get intimidated by the big's nice to know that everyone has a real life!


Lasso the Moon said...

Love this. Thanks for letting us behind the scenes on the picture-taking. So funny!
pray for orphans

Natassia Butler said...

What a great series and amazing post!!!

Bubble My Licorice said...

amazing post :)
I love thoses photos!