March 13, 2012

Getting Real with Erin from Living in Yellow

Hi Readers! Today I'm starting a new series called "Getting Real." This series is a place to share who we really are as women, give the reader a sneak peak into the nitty-gritty of our lives, lose the perfectly edited photos, and just "get real."  Every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks, one of my favorite bloggers will be contributing to this series.  Ahh!! 

The theme of the series can be summed up with this quote: 

"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." Steven Furtick.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  So... to kick off the series I'm truly honored to have the amazing Erin from Living in Yellow!!  I found Erin's blog a few months ago and I've been rolling in laughter ever since.  She is honest, funny, brilliant, beautiful, and real.  I couldn't be more honored to have her here!!

So without further ado... let's

Take it away, Erin....


My name is Erin and I write over at Living In Yellow.
A blog that is dedicated to nothing at all which keeps it pretty easy to write.
I'm all for easy.
Anyhow, I am so excited to be apart of Mae's series on "Getting Real"
I'd like to think I am one of those real kind of people.
What you see is what you get with me.
Which sometimes involves a girl with pee in her pants.
Or a girl that falls down a flight of stairs in Mexico and lands at the feet of
Or heck--a girl who think it's cool to accessorize a snuggie.
True Story.
Today I thought it would be fun to write about the truth behind "Fashion Posts"
You know the type.
Where you have to try on outfits and then have your significant other, dog, or neighbor take pictures of you trying to be all cute-like.
{refer to the first picture up top if you need an example..}
You guys.
I suck at this.
I mean sure, I've posed a few times or two without clothes which is no problem.
But with clothes on--that's another story.
{Mom, Dad, Great Aunt--that is a joke}
 I don't understand for the life of me how others excel in this area.
People can say that posing for pictures that are indicated strictly for blog purposes isn't it awkward.
They are lying.
It is awkward.
For instance, let's go back to that first picture I mentioned up above.
Sure, that one happened to turn out okay.
But what about these?
Not so much.
Oh, but there is more.
Let's take a stroll down
"I am the most hideous fashion blogger wannabe"
photo shoots shall we?
I know.
It's a miracle I've ever stepped in front of the camera again.
So anyhow, what I am getting at is--
Don't be a fashion blogger.
Unless you don't mind looking like an absolute fool in front of those you love the most.
In which case, do be a fashion blogger.
But realize--to make a picture look pretty, you've got to go through a lot of ugly.
Now come get your hot little buns over to my blog stat.
I can't wait to meet you.
Thanks Erin!
Do yourself a favor and go check out Erin's blog and be sure to read her about section. It's so good Giuliana Rancic tweeted about it.  True story.

See you tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming and see you next Tuesday for the next segment of "Getting Real" with another fabulous blogger!!!!


Ronida said...

wow. Erin is definitely funny! This post is awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Chris said...

Hysterical! I hate posing for outfit posts which is why it's very rare that you'll see them on my blog. It's incredibly awkward and I get nervous and start sweating and turn into a hot mess. That's just when I try to use my tripod and remote by myself! When the hubbs takes my picture... it's even worse. I refuse to believe that I look as horrible in person as the pictures the hubbs take. refuse. Great post... heading to Erin's blog now to check it out!


sherri said...

Haha...she is so funny! I can definitely relate. Posing is awkward. And I have gotten my mom, brother, sisters, and friends to take photos for me. Fashion blogging is a tough life. lol. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :)


Allyson said...

I can already tell that I am going to love this series! I feel the same way about fashion posts!


rebecca said...

these are hilarious. thanks for the laugh.

Monica's Notebook said...

Bahahahha I love this SO much! It is SO incredibly awkward taking outfit pics no matter what anyone says! I always get the most awkward & socially unacceptable pictures before I finally get ONE good one!