March 12, 2012

63 distractions.

Saturday my mom called and asked if she could drop something by the house Sunday afternoon.  I had no idea what she was bringing… but when I answered the door yesterday I saw this:

2012 014

I gasped.  It was a basket full of tiny bags with bright, big, colorful polka dots on them. There was something inside each of the bags, but I couldn’t tell what. I said, “What is this??” And she responded, “Distractions. One for each day until Abiella’s almost home.”


photo (10)

Yes friends, it is a basket full of distractions.  Each bag (over 2 months worth) has a token of joy inside. I’m only allowed to open one a day.  So for the next few months I will grab my coffee, pick a bag at random and see what’s inside. The point is to have something to look forward to each day and to visually see (as the basket gets less and less full) that we really are getting closer to Abiella. 


This morning, I eagerly ran over to the basket and grabbed this one:
 2012 023

Inside I found a whistle and a little note.
 2012 027

I quickly ran to the sink, put water inside, and let the dogs in for a little fun.  Sure enough… their interest was peaked… very peaked.

2012 029

(I’ve continued to wear the whistle and blow into it at random points during the day… Arthur (right) is exceptionally impressed.)

I can’t IMAGINE the time and energy that went into this gift. Now I can brainstorm what to do with the bags as I empty them! So many possibilities. 

 photo (9)
Can you believe it?!
Best surprise ever!!!
Thanks Mama!!! 
So, so fun & soo special!!!


P.S. As the weeks progress I’ll let you in on my favorite “distraction” of each week.  This is going to be gooood..

P.P.S Tune in tomorrow for the beginning of a new series and a visit from one of my favorite bloggers: Erin, from Living in Yellow!!


Shon said...

Very sweet!! Enjoy while you wait! I'll stop by again soon, it's been so busy around here!;)

Danielle said...

love this. What a sweet and thoughtful gift!

meredith said...

this is THE coolest thing ever! mary susan you are the cutest person!! yay for abiella :)

Chris said...

What a beautiful gift and fun distraction!

bnfunky said...

What a creative, sweet, and awesome mom you have!! What a great idea! Enjoy :)

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Yay for the news about the court date & yay for having such a sweet, supportive family! That is just the greatest! Please let me know if there is anything you need or if you are going to have a baby shower! I would love to get Abiella a gift! :)

Anonymous said...

Those bags look like the same material as some swaddle blankets. you should take out the hems and make it into a blanket for Abi! (although I know she's past swaddling, they still use them for yearsss....)

JMc said...

First off congrats on the court date! And what a wonderful present!! I wish I had thought of this when a friend of mine was going through her waiting period.

Col @ Hello Olive said...

You have an amazing mom! That is a great gift!

Katie said...

what a sweet idea! i love this!!