February 29, 2012

Rachel, 1993 & Sweet Cars.

After my 7 am date with Megan yesterday morning, I ran out the door and headed to a local diner where I met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Rachel. I met Rachel in elementary school and after we made a video together in the 4th grade on the importance of following the rules (complete with spandex shorts and 3 scrunchies in a side pony tail) we were locked in for life. Basically, we have each other’s worse piece of blackmail and must stick with the friendship as a form of self-insurance. If the ally is ever broken you may see me on screen acting horrendously awkward and looking a lot like this:

... or something close.

Some of life’s funniest moments were spent in Rachel’s rec-room watching the tv on mute in the wee hours of the morning and laughing hysterically at anything that seemed remotely surprising… someone falling, a funny look from one actor to another, someone winning a game show, a dog sneezing… for whatever reason all of these things were exponentially more entertaining at 1 in the morning (without sound) and we’d laugh hysterically while rolling around on the ground, kicking our feet in the air, and wiping tears off our cheeks all while trying to stay quiet enough to not wake her family… which only added to the hilarity. Want something to be a million times funnier? Try not to laugh about it. Hello awkward times in church and court. That’s right Sean McConnell I’m talking about you. Good times… good times.

I digress, Rachel and I still try to get together every few months to enjoy a hot breakfast, a good cup of coffee, and a chance to catch up on life. Rachel has amazing things happening in her life… she’s a fantastic mama, a talented photographer and the proud owner of 2 growing businesses. If you live in TN and need a photographer you can check her business out HERE and if you need a new car go check out her new family business HERE. They have an amazing inventory and will FIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT if you have a specific request! Plus, Rachel’s fun and beautiful and will make sure you’re very well taken care of. Tell her I sent you you :)  I mean come on… don’t you want to buy a car from this girl?

… I know you do.

Anyhow, it was a great morning. Keep old friends, people. There’s something about sitting across from someone who remembers you best in bedazzled jean jackets with purple sweat pants and buck teeth that makes life pretty darn sweet. Cheers to good friends, side ponytails and the glorious fact that YouTube didn’t exist when I was growing up.

It's Wednesday y'all! You're half-way there.

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Dionne said...

Yes, thank God that Youtube did not exist when I was growing up! I have a friend like that too! Thanks for reminding me at how lucky I am.