February 28, 2012

Had one of the most special mornings of my life.  I'm not allowed to talk about the details now, but it had something to do with the post written over 

When I'm allowed to tell you about this morning, I will... I will say a lot, because it's powerful and beautiful and honest and brave and real and special and good. 

Megan, I'm honored to be your friend. 
I love you. 


Brittany Stewart said...

I wish i knew what this all meant! But love the pic and super excited for whatever is about to happen! :)

megan james said...

I could not and would not have picked anyone else to share this morning with me. G&G are going to adore you. In fact, I'm worried they might rather want to live with Auntie Mae and Uncle McConnell. Because that's what I'm going to make them call you. And I can't say that I'd blame them You two are the cat's meow. Because that's the kind of thing crazy people like me say.