February 8, 2012

Lists make everything better.

I miss Abiella. A lot. A whole lot. At the very least, this waiting time has been challenging. But many days, “challenging” is the nicest way to put what’s going on in my heart. It’s difficult and hard and sometimes it feels like I’ve just been punched in the gut and I'm left grasping for air.

Point is, I miss her. I wish she was home. I want to know what she’s doing, what’s new, what she’s learning… but as my good friend JMW told me today, “You’ll have so many 'firsts'… regardless of what she’s doing now, they’ll be 'firsts' for you… and then as she grows you’ll be there for the rest.” True words Jessica, True words. Thanks for the wisdom, friend!

As everyone made resolutions for the New Year I struggled. My year is so up in the air, I felt silly making  big goals that may or may not be important to me once Abiella's home. Soo… I did something else. I made a list of things to do before Abiella gets here. Perhaps this will redirect my focus and put a little pep in my step when I feel like I’m floundering.

So without further ado, here’s my list:

1) Complete another Sunrise Series.
2) Make working out a daily habit. For real this time.
3) Print and frame our photos from Africa.
4) Get Abiella’s scrapbook up-to-date
5) Get MaeMae’s etsy shop up and running.
6) Spend a day hiking with Sean.
7) Start playing my guitar again.
8) Purge our things and get rid of the stuff we don’t use or need.
9) Revamp the budget and get on a better “system.”
10) Schedule and go to all annual doctor’s appointments.
11) Learn how to sew, starting with pillows.
12) Plant a garden in the Spring.
13) Deep clean my house using THIS list.
14) Mail at least two pieces of random “snail mail” a week.
15) Find a community adoption group.
16) Find a group for parents with kids with special needs.
17) Write a book… okay, maybe just begin one. :)  Topics anyone?
18) Learn how to make at least one traditional Ghanaian meal.

I’ll keep you posted on what I do! I’m really excited!

mae mae


Danielle said...

this is amazing! So proud of you - you are SUPER WOMAN and so inspiring. xoxoxo

Dionne said...

I love your list. Great idea. I can help you with the budget thingy...we have been out of debt for 6 years now. Cash baby...pay everything with cash and no credit cards (cut them up ,but a debit card is fine).
I want to learn what a Ghanaian meal is and make one because it is good to try new things!

Kara said...

I'd be missing Baby Abi too! Can't wait until you can hold her in your arms and never have to let go. I'll make sure to keep you in my prayers this week!

Elizabeth Barganier said...

This is a great idea and a great list. I want to read your book!

ginanorma said...

Great idea to write out your to do list on your blog, love it! and I love lists too,
I saw an idea recently where someone used a new notecard everyday to write their to do list on, and then tossed the card at the end of the day...
I really like that idea!

Thriftary said...

So proud of you and this list. I love it. And you.

megan james said...

Sweet Abi has the best mom in the world. She is never going to go a day without smiling with you :)