January 24, 2012

No Update.

There is no update on Abiella.  We are still waiting on a court date.  After court, we will work like mad to turn in the next phase of paperwork and begin the visa/passport process on the US side.  Once paperwork is on the US side we will call, beg, email, call, beg, email, call, beg and email anyone who might have our paperwork, and pray that we're just annoying enough for them to send it along and get it off their desk as quickly as possible. 

UGH!  I need to be holding this sweet baby in my arms!!

We are hoping she is here by April, but this will literally take a miracle. 

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The better question, is "what do I not need?"

Please keep our tiny family in your prayers if you think about it. 

much love,


Kara said...

Cannot wait until you have Miss Abiella. Praying for you and your soon to be family. :)

Danielle said...

<3 xo

Nats Knapsack said...

oh the waiting is so tough! sending prayers!