January 25, 2012

It's settled.

After Mrs. Thriftary made me one of these for Christmas:

Pinned Image

(That's mine on the right in the orange. Be jealous. Be very jealous)...

I decided that knowing how to sew was one of the coolest things ever.

And then, I saw this sewing room on the amazing Meg Duerksen's blog:

... and decided that sewing was no longer an option for me... it was a necessity... (since if you know how to sew, you'd naturally have a space like this.)

and then I saw that Maddie is making her very own dress FOR A WEDDING and I got a little more excited... and sketched what I would make if given the skills...

and then I saw this stack of fabric Meg is using during craft weekend...

and said, "Self. Get it together. Stop day dreaming. Learn woman. Learn."

So I'm proud to say that I'm searching the internet today for my first few yards of fabric. I figure once I have the fabric I'll be so excited to make something with it that I'll have to learn. Right?

First project? Pillows. 
Seems simple enough.
I'll let you know what fabric I get.  I'm really, really excited.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

P.S. I'll need a sewing machine.  Anyone have any good suggestions?


Dionne said...

You can't go wrong with a classic Singer Sewing machine. I have my grandmothers and it still sews just fine. I have hand sewn buttons, pillows, etc...but I just sewed my first baby blanket. You can see it under my recent blog called, Part for Two. I would love to give you any tips...if you want. You can email me @ dayenu3@yahoo.com

Chris said...

I'm super jealous of your bag... it's adorable!

Good luck on the sewing! What a fun project!

Melodee said...

I agree with Dionne above, just get a nice simple machine at Sears (even Target has some nice ones!). You can upgrade later but just to get started you'll be fine:)

Katie said...

pillows are a good thing to start with! I got a brothers sewing machine from walmart and really like it!

Kara said...

I had the same inspiration just a few months ago. It's a serious love hate relationship for beginners. I get so frustrated with learning my machine that sometimes I'm ready to just give up. But then I remember how cute the tutorial looked and force myself to get back in there!

Nats Knapsack said...

oh how awesome!! I want to learn to sew more! I did it a few times (didn't turn out great) but I loved it! how fun to make your own pillows!!! good luck, can't wait to see!