August 12, 2011

A New Obsession

Now that I’ve put my SONIC BLAST addiction on hold, (public accountability really does work) I’ve picked up a new habit.  This one, thankfully, is healthy, cheap, and lasts longer than ice cream.  I bring you…

McKay’s is a giant store that sells/buys used books, CD’s, DVD’s, and games. I had heard about this place for years but never thought much about it.  But, when my good friend Sharon told me she had been driving 45 minutes one-way to experience this place, I thought it was worth paying attention to.  So, three Friday’s ago, I grabbed 7 old books I was certain they wouldn’t want and decided to give it a chance.

I’ll spare you all of the details, because there’s no way I could give this place justice.  Bottom line: I traded all those unwanted books for almost $9 store credit!  $9 goes a long way when perfectly good hardbacks sell for 50 cents.  Since that Friday, I have returned 2 more times and left with 3 National Bestsellers.  All 3 are in very good condition, and I only used $1.90 of my credit.  

Unbelievable. I'm hooked. 

Mae Mae

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