August 8, 2011

Kisses from Katie...

Last fall, an old friend of mine posted a link on facebook to a blog written by her friend Katie. Being bored and somewhat curious,  I clicked the link and was immediately struck by the line, "mother to 14 adopted girls." What?!?!? This woman looked really young, unbelievably gorgeous, and overwhelmingly happy. I had to know more.

After reading a few posts, I decided to go to her very first blog entry and start at the beginning.  As I read her first-hand accounts of graduating high school and teaching in Uganda, I was stunned. I called Sean, told him about Katie, and as I read, he did too. We spent hours reading Katie's amazing journey from high-school prom queen to mother of 14 girls in Uganda. Within a day I read her entire blog and began begging people to go read the blog for themselves. Her story has been an inspiration to so many, and in October she is releasing a book about her journey.  But enough of my chit-chat... watch for yourself:

You can visit Katie's blog HERE

Much Love,
Mae Mae

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