August 11, 2011

Kids' Rooms...

It’s an odd thing not being able to picture what your kids will look like, how old they are, what gender they are, or even how many you’ll get at once.  I lay awake some nights thinking, “What if it’s one girl? What if it’s two boys? What if it’s one boy? What if it’s two girls? What if it’s one boy, one girl? What if it’s one baby, one toddler?!  What if it’s one toddler one older child?? What if it’s two toddlers? What if it’s two older children??? What if it’s two babies??!!!”  Eventually… I relax my mind by picking one of the scenarios and designing a kids’ room in my head. And then if I think it won’t totally drive me into “I WANT KIDS NOW” hysteria, I’ll surf for some pics of kids’ rooms on the internet.

Here are some rooms that I LOVE!

I LOVE this reading nook.  

 The framed map, hanging globes, cozy quilt, and books within arm's reach...It's too much for me to handle and I LOVE IT.

 I love everything about this room...the worn trunk,  polka dotted duvet, kids' books, and retro curtains.  Check out the owner's blog.  It's amazing.

I love the idea of having a teepee set up in a child's room all the time. 
So fun.
I love how this room accommodates four kiddos while maintaining their individual space.  Cozy, cozy, cozy.

 I want to take a nap in there right now.  Also, the painted floors are awesome. 

I love the old sleigh bed, striped linens, and cute teddy bears.  I also love how they managed to fit a bed, nightstand, and desk into a small space without feeling cramped.

I love how both beds share one platform.  Something about this is way more fun than two twins.

Thanks for daydreaming with me J
Mae Mae

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