August 31, 2011

Day 3...

Day 3 was hard.
 I may or may not have fallen asleep at 7:45 last night, gotten back up for an episode of Billy the Exterminator and after being reassured that the roaches infesting Mr. Brown's home were being taken care of, passed back out again on the couch.  And I may or may not have been so asleep that I was carried to bed like a toddler and dropped off on the comforter, where I continued to lie in the fetal position in my jeans, blouse, and glasses.  And when my alarm went off this morning, I may or may not have considered downloading someone elses's pic of the sunrise, making coffee around noon, and then saying my internet was out and the pics couldn't be posted on time... And I may or may not have thought about lying and saying I was sick... And I may or may not have thought that that was such a good idea that maybe I really was sick.  And I may or may not have thought about saying my camera was broken and that my glorious morning with the sunrise simply couldn't be captured. And I may or may not have thought about actually breaking my camera so I could say it was broken guilt free... And I may or may not have truly analyzed how the guilt associated with intentionally breaking a camera might outweigh the guilt of lying, thus putting me in a real Catch 22. And I may or may not have thought about calling the whole thing off and saying this self-imposed challenge was an unnecessary goal, and we're all really silly for holding me to it...

In the end,




Surrender to Adult Schedule is happening.  It is painful.  It is exhausting.  But it's happening.  And I may or may not be happy about that. 

Later today I'll be posting about what I did last Saturday.  
I can't wait any longer.
It involves cake, books, and some really old people.

Until then,
Mae Mae

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