May 15, 2013

Poppin' collars and doodling names (or something like that.)

I had intended on writing some lengthy post about our old home and our new home and why we moved and blah blah blah- but it's 5:52pm and my child has for unknown reasons STILL not napped... THUS, I give you a short post entitled: Life According to Instagram. (Except I didn't title it that, did I?)  If you want more of these riveting photos with crazy clever captions (alliteration AND sarcasm... I'm on fire) you can find me on IG at maemaemcconnell. 

Alright here we go... Some pics as of late with some brief explanations. 

And we're off...


Here I am.  See? I do exist. Please note that my hair is not that dark.  Like at all.  At least I don't think so. Some people have told me I confuse green with grey so perhaps I'm color blind.  Regardless, the lighting in this photo gave me Katy Perry black hair.  Not the case.  In fact, as soon as I find a new hair dresser I'm going back to my roots... blonde.  Actually, my roots are pretty dark, so maybe I'll go J'Aniston blonde? Her hair always looks good... moving on.

 Girlfriend's lookin' fly in this jacket.  I mean I can barely handle it. Pop that collar baby!

And there she is... my morning view. 

And perhaps my favorite photo of all time. It is exactly what it looks like. Heaven on earth.

Alright friends!
Much love and happy instagramming!
mae mae

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