May 18, 2013

Our Old Home. (And why we moved.)

Before we totally move past the old home, I must mention how much that home meant to us.  It was where we made the majority of our friends here in Nashville, where we walked across the street a million and a half times to our 4 amazing friends’ homes, where I finished my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, where I began my teaching career,  where I started my doctorate, where I timidly hit “Publish” on the first post of this blog, where Sean wrote and recorded 7 years worth of amazing music, and most importantly where we spent the bulk of our marriage, where we fought through the adoption process, and where we brought Abi home.  It was a special place, a haven, and the home of incredible memories we will always hold very dear.

And since I never showed you pics before… Here are a few of our old home. 

(My favorite room in the whole house- Abiella's room.) 

and let's not forget our tiny little kitchen where Sean's large family made Thanksgiving dinner and TWO Christmas dinners... We're talented folks. 

So why would we ever move from such a charming home across the street from best friends?

Well, while this home was quaint and magical, there was a time in our lives when it fit perfectly- and we weren't there anymore. We were feeling increasingly cramped with Sean's music studio taking the entire upstairs, and Abi's equipment not fitting well in the downstairs. There wasn't a place in the kitchen she could be while I cooked that wouldn't have her tiny hand within inches of a stove top and overall we were just ready to start the adventure that would allow us to grow. We talked about adding on, renovating the garage, etc. etc. etc. but at the end of the day we were also really hoping to find something that spoke to our heart for the country. So while it was a tough decision, it was a great decision and from the moment we signed the listing agreement we had a great peace about the entire move.  14 showings later we had sold the house and began the search for a new one.  

More on the new house (our dream home that we couldn't have created if we tried) soon... 

Now I'm off to unpack some more. 

I want to be settled and decorated ASAP!
mae mae


Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

beautiful home! cant wait to see your new place! i know youll make great new memories!

Allyson Butler said...

Your house is beautiful! I'm so excited to see where y'all go from here!

Christina said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your new home. Congrats!

Kaity said...

What a perfect "starter home"! :)

pam said...

I was just checking on you and your family. I hope you are settling in. Please come back so we can see how Abi is doing. We also want to see the new house. Pam

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

I understand what you have gone through, Mae. There are certain points in our lives that we just have to go out there and meet new people, embark on different adventures, and most importantly, grow into the person we wish to become. Your old house is lovely, but I felt moving is much better. I wish you the best of luck! :)

Lakisha Zimmerer @ Joanne Davidow

Katy Desroches said...

Moving out is too hard, especially when you have that bunch of things to treasure there. What's important is keeping those memories in your hearts forever. We have to accept that situations change and we need to adapt to them. Your lifestyle demands a bigger house so you need to move to one. Well, good luck on your new house, Mae!