March 11, 2013

Helllooo party people!

I hope you had an awesome weekend.  Since I spoke with you last, Abi caught some sort of stomach bug and we've been spending each day canceling appointments, changing clothes, rethinking what to give her through the tube, yada yada yada. Luckily, though, for most of the weekend Abi was feeling much better and I was able to do a few things outside the house.  (What?! Unheard of.)

For one, I got a manicure. Purple polish.  I had been day dreaming about the color for a week. (Who knows why.) Now, every time I look down and see the color on my nails I'm strangely satisfied. It's about 5 notches below Barney and two notches above eggplant.  Dusty maybe? I'm happy.

Second, I made a bold decision to go through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru Friday night and when they told me a half dozen was only a few cents less than a full dozen, I did what any responsible juice-drinking, organic-eating, veggie-consuming adult would do... I got a full dozen... and they were hot. Sweet mercy they were hot.

Saturday night, Sean stayed with Abi while I attended my dear-wonderful-beautiful friend's cocktail hour(s) after her wedding.  It was a blast.

Photo: Married in not 1, but 2 countries!!! Megan James

The bride is the one in the middle with the incredible mermaid hair.  Every single strand of that is real ladies. Her locks are kind of a big deal.  But, more on that special event and incredible woman later... it all deserves a post of it's own.

And in case you're not sure what I look like, I'm this person.

I've been told I don't post enough pictures of myself on this blog. The problem is that me and "selfies" just rarely agree.  I always look how I feel about the whole camera in my face thang: uncomfortable. And good gawsh let's pray I don't get caught trying to take a selfie or I just totally crumble.  How bloggers like E and M have perfected the art of an unassuming fun self-portrait is a talent I've yet to discover.  Maybe an e-course on this ladies??

Regardless, I'm working on it. See! Here's another one!

Those are my feet. In heels.  Which doesn't happen nearly enough these days, and thus must be documented.

Alright friends... That's all for now. Off to brew a second pot of coffee... time change is still sinking in. Are you used to it yet?

mae mae

PS: Remember when I posted the hair tutorial gone wrong video?? Well she was on Ellen recently!! (Of course she was, Ellen is just so on her game.) Tori was an awesome interview and I love her even more now.  Check it out for yourself:


Christina said...

Sorry to hear Abi has been sick. Hope she's better soon! Thanks for sharing Tori's interview on Ellen. What a cute girl haha and how sweet (and funny) of Ellen to give her all those hair products and that wig!!

Melodee said...

you look great mamma! glad you got some girl time with all of your busy-ness lately!! that hair tute is hilarious........gotta check out your link! haha!

Kendra Pahukoa said...

i found you today sometime around noon. i have just finished reading every single post. so,(i've worked really hard at the office today ahem...)basically, yes, i am a stalker but truthfully i fell in love with your story, with abi and all that super human strength you have. going to Africa, waiting, waiting, waiting, hospitals, paperwork, and you were so positive even when you were clearly pissed and frustrated and sleep deprived.
anyway, i was gonna quietly go away and wasn't gonna leave a comment but then i realized you needed to know how much i am admiring you.
p.s. i had very similar teeth growing up, kind of bunny-like but i refer to them as my Madonna gap years. i guess it sounded better on paper. (shrug)
anyway, hope you had a fantastic week-end, i'm really glad to have found ya today. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Abi hasn't been feeling well, that is definitely tough on both of you!
Sounds like you were able to have a fun and pretty relaxing weekend though :D Love Krispy Kreme!
Ha ha oh my gosh, I love Ellen!

Traci said...

I'm not sure if I should be disappointed or consider myself blessed that there is no Krispy Kreme anywhere even close to where I live. Right now, I'm kind if jealous ;)

Samara said...

I had never seen that hair tutorial video- I just cried watching it. So funny!

Also, when I was in America a few years back on Valentines day, there was a 2 for 1 Krispy Kreme deal. We had planned on getting 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts amongst the 3 of us, but instead ended up with 48. We ate them literally for breakfast lunch and tea and by the end of the 4 days ended up making ourselves sick (I'll spare you the details) was so bad but soooo good! ha ha

Misty said...

I loved that interview on Ellen. And I love me some hot Krispy Kremes.

Found you via The Serena Saga. New follower! :)