February 4, 2013

Party Weekend.

Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to begin with this weekend.  First, one of Sean's very best friends came and visited from Georgia.  It was his first time meeting Abiella and it was so fun watching the two of them "hit-it-off."  Abi was officially smitten. She loved being held by him and every time he was in the room she couldn't quit staring.  She knows a good heart when she sees one. Also, I don't even know how it originally started but every time Ryan visits the same dessert is made...deep fried toaster strudels with icing (don't even judge). That alone makes a weekend pretty fantastic. It was a short but awesome visit and I want him and his new wife (my very good friend Brooke) to move here stat. 

Second, my girlfriends threw a monster party for me and Abiella Saturday night.  I haven't laughed so hard or yelled so much in a long time.  When I got there I was greeted with my favorite drinks, favorite food (Mexican-hello GUACAMOLE and homemade quesadillas!) and THESE AMAZING CUPCAKES!!!!


I mean can you even handle it?? Notice the heart over Ghana. Unbelievable.  They're even bushwacker flavored too! (If you don't know what a bushwacker is you're missing out.  It's my favorite drink in all of Nashville.) Thank you Benny Cakes!!!

And then the gifts! Oh my gosh! I had specifically said I didn't need gifts because so many people had given us so much during the adoption process... but a few weeks ago one of my friends called and said, "If you don't register, we're kidnapping you under the guise of a cherry limeade and making you do it."  So I did.  Turns out getting gifts is pretty darn awesome. Some of the presents included amazing outfits for Abiella, awesome books, and even a few things for myself.  (A spa treatment AND a free house cleaning to name a few.) What!??? YES!!!

After gifts they had a fire with s'mores!  (AHHH!!! NOBODY loves a good fire more than me.) I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN.


The party was across the street from my house so after 6 hours of absolute awesomeness I walked back to our place exhausted and happy. I hadn't been out that late in months.  It was SO MUCH FUN and I felt so blessed.  My friends know how to throw a good party any day... but add in all my favorite things and I thought I was going to seriously pass out from sheer joy.

I realize there's not a single picture of me in the bunch, but I've been told there are some great pics on a friend's camera... I will retrieve those and share them one day soon.

Now we're back to the normal week but thank GOODNESS Abiella is feeling better... We had some sort of stomach/respiratory virus last week that knocked her out of 5 therapy appointments... booh :( This morning we had feeding therapy though and we're back on track.

Cheers to a good weekend, great friends, and a healthy baby!

PS: Thanks to all the brave souls who participated in the Throwback Thursday link-up last week. That was SO MUCH FUN!  Your pictures and stories were AMAZING and so much fun to read. You made my Thursday ridiculously exciting. You rock!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You absolutely deserved a weekend filled with fun and love AND those awesome gifts! Pamper yourself, girlfriend. You are an awesome mother, wife, sister, friends, blogger, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what an amazing weekend! You guys totally deserved such an amazing party and gifts!

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely photos and everything looks so yummie!

Kasey T said...

Everything looks so adorable, I am seriously obsessed with those cupcakes!

Melodee said...

looks amazing! love all the food, especially the smores!! you soooo deserve all the love and gifts!

Ada Igoe said...

Omigosh, those cupcakes are adorable!!! So glad you got to have such an amazing weekend. You deserve it!

TDM Wendy said...

What an awesome party and looks like you got some solid friends. Cupcakes and smores. Keepers.