January 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday Link-Up!!

My mother put great effort into my wardrobe as a young child.  Funky, adorable outfits with matching socks, bows, and accessories.  In my early years I was one stylish kid.  Then somewhere between my cute and awkward phase I decided a wardrobe dictatorship wasn't for me.  I wanted some independence. Soo, being an incredible mama, my mom found the perfect balance of giving me nice clothes while allowing me to put them together however I wished... (Her complete disdain of my 3rd grade stand to wear nothing but sweatsuits is a discussion for another day.)  Anyhow, the above outfit was a perfect example of my new-found wardrobe freedom.  I remember the day very clearly.  We were driving into the school drop-off lane and I noticed my friends in perfect bows and frilly dresses. 

Me: Uh-oh.
Mom: What?
(5 seconds of silence.)
Me: It's picture day.
Mom: What?!?? And you're wearing that?!  Shorts-overalls with sheer red women's hose??
Me: Hmm...
Mom: I don't have time to go home and bring you another outfit do I?
Me: Nope. This is what we're working with. 

One hour later this photo was snapped.  Although forgetting was an accident, I was pretty darn pleased with myself.  Shorts-overalls on picture day? Freedom was pretty darn sweet.

Now it's your turn! Link up with Mrs. Thriftary and me and show us your throwback photos!!

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Anonymous said...

I was really awkward in high school... and the internet needs to know.


Alli said...

I think you did a marvelous job dressing yourself, I mean everything is matching eh. What more could a parent want from a child in the 90's?


Brittany Stewart said...

Omg I love it! Can't wait to go home and upload a pic!!!

Stacie@hometownperch said...

Oh my gosh. I'm laughing so hard at these! What a great idea.