January 10, 2013


Wow.  What an incredible response from all of you LIY readers! Your comments and emails have been so encouraging and absolutely awesome to read.  My mind is kind of blown actually.  So many mamas who have adopted, or are thinking of adopting, or are raising kids with special needs... an email from a gal I met way back when I used to sell merch for my husband at his shows...other comments that had me laughing out loud... including this one: 

"I may or may not have made a ribbon dance routine to "I Saw the Sign. Yep." Thank you for that awesome visual Kate. 

(And to all you folks who said you have equally as incriminating photos... start digging them out... I smell a link-up...)

All that to say, I'm SO excited to have you here... and one by one I can't wait to check out all of your amazing spaces on the web... so cool how this whole internet thing can make the world so much smaller.  

So welcome new friends... can't wait to get to know you better :)



Kate Kubler said...

well thanks a lot for that shout out. bahaha. oh the days of being a pre-teen and grounded. atleast my mom thought I was cool.

Kate Kubler said...

ps. I think you responded to a comment I made or you emailed me. I got an email with a response from you but then like a genius I deleted it before reading. remind me where you responded? thanks girl. pardon my idiocy.

Because of Jackie said...

Well YOU are fabulous and fun and an inspiration...everyone knows it:)