July 27, 2012


You know that feeling you used to get in school when somebody in class would do something wrong and then everyone would get punished for it?  That's how I felt this morning.  My alarm is the guilty party and I paid the consequence.  She (for whatever reason) chose NOT to buzz at 5:30 am.  And when I finally woke up, I immediately thought. "Uh-oh, it's too light in here." and then I looked at my clock. 7:10am.  Blast! Oh well. At least I got some needed sleep. AND after missing the sunrise this morning, I realized how much I've grown to love it! Blogging accountability aside, I actually miss the fact that I didn't have those quiet morning hours to myself. Sooo, perhaps this date with the early morn will continue.  Who knows.  I hope so.

Sooo, instead, of a pic from this morning, here's a picture I took from the beach this winter at sunrise.  Beautiful eh?

Annndddd.... here are some awesome pictures sent in from some fellow early morning risers this week! 

 Pictures from Maddie @ Thriftary
 Picture from Sara at Team G Shock
Picture from my mom's dog Lulu

Alright friends, it's been fun and it's about to get even more fun because we have a special guest coming to stay with us this weekend AND I've got an amazing woman posting on my blog one day next week. You're going to love her. So go have yourself an awesome weekend and I'll see you next week :)

Much Love, 
PS- Are any of you Downton Abbey lovers?  Tell me you've seen this spoof by Jimmy Fallon.

It's amazing. 


Stesha said...

such beautiful photos!!


Dilan Dilir said...

love sunset/sunrise photos,so beautiful :)

Robyn said...

yep beautifu;-and yes-love downton abbey-although the first series is much better than the second

Taylor said...

Beautiful photos. Enjoy your weekend with your special guest.

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Those early morning moments are one of a kind :) Beautiful photos.

Brianne Heape said...

Beautiful photos. It's amazing how perfectly God painted those sunrises. Unique for each of us.

Thanks for sharing.

because of Him,


Danielle said...

Beautiful pictures...and it doesn't hurt to sleep in every once in a while! Unfortunately my body doesn't let me sleep past a certain time anymore. Well...I don't know if thats a good or bad thing! :)

Happy Weekend!

Alana said...

OMG that spoof was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

vintage grey said...

Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing, and glad you got to sleep in a little! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

andrea grace said...

Pretty picturs

Lauren Jade said...

These are beautiful, what a lovely idea! xx


Ashleigh Nichole said...

the 1st & 2nd one are my 2 favorites super cute :) I love them! Great pictures love!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

the 1st & 2nd one are my 2 favorites super cute :) I love them! Great pictures love!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful picture.


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

My alarm did that to me a few weeks ago. And it has happened a few times since high school. What the heck alarm clocks? You have ONE job, and you're screwing it up? Ugh.

Might IIIII be the amazing woman you referred to? ;-)

Joanna said...

Oh what a lovely idea! I'm a brand new follower (and new blogger) and these pictures are lovely. I have a hard time waking up early but this makes it seem so worth it!

Alisa Marie said...

Beautiful pics!!! My mom also has a dog named LULU :)

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