April 5, 2012

Wind Map.

this real-time wind map is hypnotizing. - warbyparker
You must check out THIS website and prepare to be mesmerized.  

Secondly, don't you love this print??

In January I designed a poster with a quote from the movie Hook on it just for fun (original post). I sent it out to a few design blogs and posted to a few social network sites and the response was really surprising. The poster got posted on Creattica, Abduzeedo, was reblogged or liked on Tumblr over 1,300 times, pinned on Pinterest a few hundred times etc…
Along with all of this I received quite a few emails and comments asking where the poster could be bought. I never had plans to sell or make any money off of the poster so I thought this could be a good opportunity to support one of my favorite non-profits, Make a Wish Foundation. So I got ahold of my pal Charlie Wagers, who is an awesome designer, to screen print a few dozen for me. I also got in touch with the people at Make a Wish who were very excited about the poster and idea.
So I am super excited to say that I have 50 limited edition, hand screen printed and signed prints of the Hook poster! The posters will only be $25, and the entire $25 will be directly donated to Make a Wish!
To get your hands on one, click here to buy it on Etsy.
Please reblog this to help get the word out and to start granting wishes!
Go HERE to get a copy; proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation.

Both of these were found on Revelment.

Enjoy your Thursday, folks!



Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Oh, I need it, I need it.

Allyson Butler said...

That print is adorable!