January 15, 2012

Happy B-day!

My amazing Daddy celebrated a birthday today! 

Happy Birthday

to one of the strongest, most generous, funniest, hardest working, and most amazing people on the planet!!
I wish I had a photo of my dad to share with you... but my computer died last month... and with it, so did all my pictures. I'm eager to share with you some awesome old-school Mae Mae and Daddy shots I found in my collection last week, but alas I'm currently 500 miles away from my scanner.  So until I return, I leave you with a photo of a man he is often mistaken for:

James Taylor

That's right folks... my dad looks like James Taylor and he sings like him too.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
You're the best!
I love you!!!

Mae Mae

1 comment:

Kara said...

Hahah that's cute! I'm sure he'll appreciate the comparison as much as the real picture. Happy birthday!