January 10, 2012

Art Class.

A week or so ago, I was reading this awesome blog, when I learned about a 4 week class being offered in January/February called "Creatively Made." 

The class was being offered by the amazing Jeanne Oliver and after watching the promo video, I knew I had to take it.  Plus, it was only $48!

Yesterday was my first day and oh my gosh, it is awesome.  I'll be posting the things I make throughout the class.

It's fun, rejuvenating, and gets my creative energy flowing....

I hope you go out and do something fun to kick off your 2012...

 For me, this seems to be just what the doctor ordered.



Chris said...

How fun! I can't even do justice to a stick figure so painting is out for me. I'm taking a photography class... hopefully I'll be decent at that. Point and shoot... can't be that hard, right?

The Lee Family Happenings said...

That looks so fun! I wish there was something like that here... can't wait to see what you make!