November 17, 2011

It is 4 am...

It is 4 am and my mind is racing. Tuesday we received $1,800 worth of vaccinations, yes $1,800. We knew it would be that much money, we didn't know it would be this much achiness. At the time of the shots I felt fine, but hours later I felt like I had been hit by a truck. 35 hours later my arms are still super sore and I feel basically exhausted. In addition to the yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A & B, meningitis, and other shots I can't remember at 4 am, Sean got a chicken pox shot, we both got flu shots, malaria pills, deet/mosquito repellent detergent kit, as well as some preemptive antibiotics. It feels good to have that task behind us... even if it's almost $2k out the door. When I look at what I'm protected against, 2k seems like nothing.

We have sent off our new 1-600A, got our last two papers notarized, mailed off our dossier (fed-ex overnight to a family in the states who will be hand-delivering it to Ghana on Monday) and are beginning to make plans to travel! It has been a whirlwind two days, and now we're in the process of applying for travel visas and securing a travel agent (at the advice of our agency... looks like there are a few travel agents that receive such significant discounts it's worth using one...). Bottom line? We are getting closer. Much closer. And if feels unbelievable!

When I think about holding our sweet Abiella I literally can't contain my excitement... Sometimes Sean and I just pace in our living room... A million thoughts running through our minds. I constantly look at the clock and count forwards to know what time it is in Ghana. Right now for instance, it is 9:29 am. What is she doing? Has she been awake long? What are the sounds and smells and sights around her?

It's an odd feeling to just want to hop on the next flight and not be able to. Yesterday I literally almost hit 'purchase' on a flight that would have us leaving next week only to remember one small detail: travel visas. Oh yeah... of course. Geez.

After Sean fed-exed our dossier, he returned home with a bouquet of flowers and the demand that I use an old gift certificate I have and get a massage on Friday. He called and booked it for me. So sweet.

Tonight, my friend Lindsay and I babysat sweet Preston. It was so fun being with Preston. We're so blessed to have so many great friends right on our street. Speaking of street, we took the house off the market. If we were to sell it now, it could add months and months to the adoption process. Honestly, that's been such a stress-relief... I was sad to leave this house and this street and knowing I get to stay here makes life just a little sweeter.

Tonight Lindsay gave me this print from persimmonandpink.

How sweet!! It reminds me of the meaning of Abiella's name, and I can't WAIT to put it in her room! Speaking of bedroom... I think I'm going to try to go back to sleep now... Looks like I still have a little time before sunrise.

Over and Out,
mae mae

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The Lee Family Happenings said...

I remember those shots! I did a three month missions trip in Africa in high school. Those malaria pills are no joke. Don't forget to slather on the sunscreen!

I can't wait until you have your little girl home with you!

Danielle said...

:) made my tear up reading this. Glad it's going well and sorry your arms are still sore!!! xo