August 19, 2013


It's no secret that I'm a fan of tattoos. I like them on men... women... children... just kidding. NOT on children. Unless that's part of their culture, in which case, carry on. But in all seriousness, tattoos are just kind of my thing. I might stalk you in the grocery store, ask about the meaning of your tattoo, inquire about the artist, comment on the shading... I mean, I'm a fan. (PAUSE: There are some really BAD tattoos out there. I grimace and cringe and feel my stomach tighten when I see one. Gosh- that must be a hard pill to swallow... I just always really hope THEY like it, and if they don't, that they magically convince themselves that it's awesome- or they get it fixed.  But good grief- that's a lot of money/pain for some unfortunate art.)

All that to say, I have no tattoos.

But that doesn't stop me from oohing and awwing over others... Here are some I love.

I want to get a tattoo after I am married. I want something simple. I like this one a lot.
Bun and simple tattoos :)
simple tattoo

Happy Monday Night Folks. 


Sarah Pete said...

I love tattoos, too! But I don't have any, either, sadly . . . the hubs is less than a fan, but still, one of these days . . . ;]

Love the arrow tattoo!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I am obsessed with tattoos & tattoo-less too! I love the way they look, I just haven't thought of something that I want on my body for the rest of my life!

Please vote for me to win a trip to NYFW!

Emily said...

I love looking at tattoos, but I'm afraid that my taste might change sometime in the next 50 years. So no tattoo for me, at least not now.

Jessica said...

I love looking at others tattoos but I am too scared to get one of my own. If you ever got a tattoo, Mae, what would you get?

JaneA said...

Hahaha! I love this post. Last year my husband and I went to the annual Cape Town tattoo convention, just to admire all the lovely artwork. I think my father-in-law fainted when we told him where we'd been. Neither of us have tats, nor will we probably get any, but we love them on other people all the same! Is that like being a weird tattoo stalker? Hmmm.

Vanessa {} said...

I love this post because I'm the same way! I guess I just can't decide on what to get so I've never gone through with getting one!

Sandra Dötsch said...

I love them, too but I don't have one yet, but I definitely want one in the future, just need to get the money^^
But those tattoos are soooo small, my friend said, that small lines are not possible, but this (the love one and the one with the arrow) is what I have in my mind as well... o.O
Maybe I need to find a better place to make a tattoo then ....