April 5, 2013

4 AM Ramblings

*This post was written intermittently on my phone in a semi-productive attempt to keep myself awake.*
This post is brought to you by the fact that one of Abiella's musical stuffed animals went off accidentally at 4am, loudly playing a tune right into her ear, and now I'm holding a completely awake, totally wired 2 year old... at 4:52 am. I'm trying to keep a low profile, super-nanny style... But it's hard when girl's got such a zest for life that the first sign of morning has got her laughing and kicking... Which is actually pretty darn awesome to witness...even at 4:52. I keep telling her, "If the sun's not awake yet, we shouldn't be either." 
Now it's 5:30 and we're swaying and rocking to Jack Johnson's The Sharing Song and I'm about two verses away from giving in and making a pot of coffee... 
It's 6 am. Coffee is made and I'm growing increasingly aware of my choice to stay up late last night and watch Netflix with Sean until 1am... Oh Biggest Loser, why must you be so addictive?? 3 hours of sleep should treat me just fine today. (Said with only minor panic in my voice...)In other unimportant news, I saw this on pinterest recently and became immediately smitten.
Bridesmaids Movie Quote TShirt There's A Colonial Woman On The Wing
They're for sale on Etsy HERE. I think I may have to indulge.
"There's a colonial woman on the wing! I saw her! There's something they're not telling us! She was churning butter!" Oh Kristen Wiig, your genius gets me every time...
7 am. Abi eats.  She gets upset.  Sean comes in and plays guitar.  She gets happy.  We all fall back to sleep.  
Boom. There you go.  The chronicles of an early morning.  And please forgive the massive spacing issues in this post.  Blogging from a phone is no easy task.  
Happy Friday y'all! 

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Sarah said...

Hmm don't get the humor of the tee