January 24, 2013

It's a Parrr-taaayyy & You're Invited: Throwback Thursday Style.

Hi Friends!

I. AM. SOO EXCITED to announce a collaborative link-up party between me and the amazing Mrs. Thriftary... After months of ooohing-and-awwwing (and laughing hysterically) at people's throwback Thursday photos on Instagram, we wanted to bring the party into the blogging world.  We want to know more than just the photo... give us a caption... give us a funny story... Anything that makes us know more about the incriminating photo you so bravely chose to share.

Sooo... next Thursday we're inviting all of our blogging friends (that's you) to link-up and share your amazing Throwback Thursday photos.We really can't wait to see what you bring to the party!

I'll give you a taste of what's to come... Reluctantly...

Yeah, that just happened. 
In an ironic twist, it actually took a lot of heart to pull this one off. 

I'm sure Dorothy and the Scarecrow and all the other members of my trick-or-treating party are still scarred.  Sorry guys.  I see the date on the side says '98... Which means I was 14.  Oh my.  

Join us next Thursday won't you?? Let's have a good time laughing at with each other. 
Alright- See you next week!!! Can't wait friends!


PS- Mrs. Thriftary has a pretty outstanding childhood photo and a VLOG on her post today describing the party in more detail.  Go watch it and then get to digging through those albums!


Jessica said...

sounds like a fun link up!! I may consider joining in :)

Lindsay Kate said...

oh my gosh ... oh my gosh ... I love it... I love you .. Ihave to go searching for a doozy for next week! Who am I kidding, it wont take to much searching haha! xoxo