December 16, 2012

Abiella is 2!!!! (almost.)

Too many emotions to put into words right now.  The fact that I will be celebrating my daughter's first birthday at HOME tomorrow is almost too much to take in.  It's been a festivities packed weekend... celebrating with family on both Saturday and Sunday... But Monday, is THE DAY. Tomorrow, Sean and I will cheers to Abi, eat cake, help Abi open presents, do all of Abi's favorite things, and bask in the fact that our first child is having her first birthday in our home... together. 

It's a miracle. 


I never knew if she would be home for this day
- and she is.
So, SO thankful. 

I leave you with bits and pieces from a card Abi got from one of my best friends... it says a lot of what I want to say... but better. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Abiella!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

"2 hands that belong to you, and that you are discovering can do so many great things!
2 hour dvd of Beyonce goodness. Enough said.
2 of your best friends right across the street. Harrison and Preston love you!
2 M's and 2 G's that are going to love you like no other. I'm bringing a picture of you for them to see when Josh and I visit in January!
2 times the grandparents to snuggle you whenever you want to cuddle.
2 ears to listen to your daddy's voice singing to you. Front row seat to endless private concerts? Lucky you!
2 legs to kick, kick, KICK! 
2 buttons to push on your mama's phone to call me whenever you want - "Favorites" and "Auntie Megan". Back when I was a kid you had to memorize 7 digits!
2 baby fat cheeks for me to smooch on.
2 times the bravery.
2 times the fight.
2 times the heart.
2 times the everything."

WE LOVE YOU, ABIELLA!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!


Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Happy happy Birthday little girl! I love your smile in this pic and I am beyond happy for you and your parents to be at home together - at last!

It´s a love-day ;)

xo Martie

Empirically Erin said...

Happy birthday to Abiella!! What a beautifully written card.

the hollie rogue said...

happiest of birthdays! she is just too cute for words :)

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

Happy Birthday Abi!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Abiella!!!!! I hope you have a great day and you have blessed my life so much even though you are so young. Thank so much for sharing your story with so many others.

megan james said...

Happiest of birthdays, sweet Baby Abi. We love you so very much!!

Danielle said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! We all love you so very much!!! xoxo

Di said...

Happy birthday Abiella!! Have a great day!

Carolyn R said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Abiella!!

Joyful Journey Mom said...

Happy Birthday Abiella! Her smile is pure joy!

Kenzie Smith said...

Happy second birthday Abiella!!!

Sierra said...

She is so cute!! Happy Birthday!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Alynne Leigh said...

My heart is so overwhelmingly happy for your family, right now.

Happy Birthday baby Abi! (: