July 3, 2012


Hi friends!
How was your weekend?  Mine was great, although braving the heat was pretty exhausting. Two days of outrageous heat (ranging from 104-108 degrees) is INTENSE.  The average temperatures for late June and early July fall between the high 80's and the low 90's.  So, 108?  Outrageous.  My dogs weren't too thrilled about spending the majority of their weekend cooped up inside.

But we made it... and with the pool calling my name tomorrow, 4th of July festivities on Wednesday, and the temperatures getting lower and lower, things are looking up.  (Did you notice the word play on 'lower' and then 'up'? ... Yeah, I wasn't impressed either.)  Anyhow, despite the heat, this weekend was pretty awesome. We managed to hang out with friends, grill out twice, and get some good rest. I hope your weekend was awesome!!

PS- I'm looking for a good, light-hearted film to get on Netflix.  Any suggestions??

PPS- One of THESE SUCKERS showed up at a friend's house this week and her dog went crazy. He's a year late... a year late. (He must be so embarrassed.)  I can't figure out if I should be disturbed,  feel sorry for the little guy, or pray he's the only one.    


Sarah said...

My pup is over the heat as well. He starts panting before we even step on the driveway for a walk.

EmPhil said...

Hahaha your dogs are too cute! That heat must suck though, can't imagine having to deal with it!

Cait Emma said...

awwwww such cuties!!! ...and 108?! ewww! no good.

hellolj said...

I'm in Alabama and it was showing 111 at 6 oclock at night a couple of weeks ago on my friend's car. I'm so glad our massive heatwave is over (for now)! It's rough when you have pets. We had buckets of icewater all over the house and back yard!