March 29, 2012

Living in 120 square feet.

Yesterday, I randomly remembered an article I had read years ago about a woman living in a very, very tiny house.  The thing I remembered most about the entire article was the fact that she owned only 2 mugs. One for her and one for a guest.  

It seemed... delightful.

So... upon remembering this random article, I googled "tiny houses" and this is what I found:

Tiny Tumbleweed Houses
Tumbleweed is one tiny house company that has made an (architectural) art of condensing spatial requirements for still-comfortable living within small-square-foot residences, down to as little as just 65 sq. feet.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

777 SF for two bedrooms.  By Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

tumbleweed houses--tiny houses on trailers as wells as small houses on foundations.  Too Cute!  (How much do two people need?) deelightfull
Jay Shafer (the designer of all of the above houses) has turned his "tiny house" obsession into a business called Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  For less than the price of some new vehicles, you can have a whole new house, ranging from 89 to 800 square feet.  Imagine the elimination of a mortgage!??!?  The elimination of utility costs??!?  (Most of these homes' utilities cost less than $100 a year... a YEAR!!) OR... if you're really stuck to the idea of a larger home (aka: you have children), these little guys could be studios or guest homes or vacation homes... or (drumroll please) the beginning of a compound with all of your favorite friends.

Watch a tour of Jay's home:


If you're as smitten as I am, search pinterest for : "tumbleweed tiny house" and see how owners have decorated the insides of their tiny homes... 

Warning: Your heart will beat faster, you'll start to question every possession you currently have, you'll start wondering about building codes and wheels vs. foundations... and if you're like my friend Kristin and I... you'll start planning where to go during tornados, the cost of building a community shelter, the trails that lead to each person's tiny home and the materials used to produce the decorative signs that will say "Mae's house... that-a-way ---->" 

On that note... I'm off to make a second pot of coffee, work on my porch, and day-dream about my enchanted forest of tiny houses...

Much Love,


P.S. This week a waitress accidentally spilled an entire thing of ranch dressing on me.  It was shocking, but hilarious.  Just thought that you should know. 


Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to put one of those tiny houses on a piece of property up in the woods, and spend every weekend there with my husband and daughter. I think about it all the time. : )

One time a waitress spilled an entire glass of diet coke on me, and was mortified. I just laughed, and helped her clean the ice off the floor. What can you do?

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I love that you googled this for me, so I didn't have to. FASCINATING. I probably shouldn't be as interested in it as I am, but I am. I can't help it.

I'm thinking of little people though. I"m a tall human. TALL.

I lived without most of my things for almost 3 years.. its funny the things we don't need. and by funny I mean kinda pathetic.

Allyson said...

These are so cute! My parents keep telling me they want to live in a microhouse...


Chris said...

Holy Moly! I don't know if I can survive in 100 sqft. however maybe the hubbs and I can survive in 800 sqft?

megan james said...


enchanted forest of tiny houses that all had tiny tunnels underground running from one house to another to the storm shelter. byom - bring your own mug. it's perfection.

Anonymous said...

I want one for my very own! I feel like I could just pick it up and take it with me wherever I go. Is it kind of sad that my house could technically be one of these? It's 800 sq feet!

Aunt Sue said...

Steve and I plan to retire in one of these beauties. We have been talking about it forever. We just need to find the right spot. Which will probably be in your backyard :-)

Sara said...

Umm..this is PERFECT for the compound. And, Jason & I will install a bushwhacker machine in the middle of each tunnel in case we get thirsty between houses.

Laura LaVoie said...

Hi! I found your post because I am about to move into my 120 Square Foot house after spending the last three years building it. They are as magical as you imagine. I love staying in that tiny space and we have the added benefit of being on 15 acres of mountain woods so if we don't want to be inside the house, we can go outside. I can't wait to move in.