November 11, 2011

Running at Full Speed

First, to all of you who have offered a congratulations or gesture of support, I can not thank you enough. It means so much more than I could ever express.


Since last week we have been running in fast forward.  We have gotten our home study updated, reviewed, approved, and sent out again. (Thanks to our amazing agency who moves at the speed of light.) We have gone back to the doctors for our second physical, gotten about a million papers signed and notarized, printed out photos, prepared our updated papers to be sent to the appropriate places, and gathered all the documents needed to send off our dossier.  Phew.  What a whirlwind week.  Hopefully, on Monday we will send the dossier, (unless we decide to hand deliver it to Ghana) and on Tuesday we'll get our vaccinations.

I'm currently taking a break from writing a paper on Educational Leadership (Big thanks to the interviewees who helped me out last second!) to sip on some coffee, take a breather, and write this post. 

I am grateful for the work and the busyness. Although it is tedious and time consuming, each signature, each appointment, and each trip to FedEx means we're getting a few more steps closer to Abiella... and the thought of that brings me more joy than I can express. This weekend, I get to take a breather, relax with some great girlfriends, and enjoy the fall weather.  I can't wait to SIT.  But... it's not time yet.  I have 3 hours to go get the last piece of our dossier and to finish this paper... So, I'm going to stop typing and get back to work. 

Hope You Have a Great Weekend!
Happy Veteran's Day!

mae mae


Brittany Stewart said...

Momma you need to take the time to sit, cause pretty soon you will have a little one running around! So excited that things are moving fast! :)

The Lee Family Happenings said...

You have been busy! Enjoy your relaxing!