October 19, 2011

7 bits of random...

1)      I am slightly confused about the shade of my natural hair color.  I think I’m going to dye it the color of my roots and just see what happens.

2)      I’m thoroughly enjoying a new set of exercise dance videos I found on instant Netflix.  Although the hosts combine a series of odd facial expressions with unfortunate phrases like, “this is funky fresh” and “you are now going to get your groove on” they’re pretty good dancers with surprisingly difficult choreography.

3)      Last night I was dancing my heart out to the aforementioned video, dressed in my shamrock pajama pants, home-made graphic blue t-shirt, and tall brown boots. (My tennis shoes have gone missing.)  Sean referred to this ensemble as “Thrift Store Throw-Up” or “I Have to Go Grab More Wood From the Pile”. This wasn’t mean-spirited… I knew my get-up was a target from the second I started my first step-ball-change. 

4)      It is so cold in Nashville that I turned the heat on.  Sarah is bundled up on a blanket next to the air vent and I’m in fuzzy pullover with my second cup of coffee. This is awesome!

5)      I had a dream last night I was trying to get in a building but there was a wasp on the door and when I went to grab my phone (to have someone open the door from inside), my phone was under a webbing of spiders.  Every time I tried to get the phone a bug would jump on me.  I woke up itching so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Eventually I took a Benadryl.  Not sure if the itching caused the dream or if the dream caused the itching.  Either way… t’was no good. 

6) Painted Pumpkins:

7) The Middle and Modern Family come on tonight. J  

That’s It.

Happy Wednesday!


Holly said...

Netflix has workout videos? I didnt know that! It is cold in Nashville! We turned our heat on and NOTHING! It wouldnt come on. Good thing we didnt wait until it got too cold!

Brittany Stewart said...

LOL, i am picture your outfit right now... i love the 'thrift store throw up"! And unless your roots are red, skip the dye! :)

Melissa said...

I love that you're exercising in boots!