September 8, 2011

School's Back...

After a two and a half week break, 
the 2nd semester of of my Ed.D. is up and running.
It is going to kick my butt,
and perhaps...
make me go crazy.

This week alone I have 13 assignments due. 
Fortunately, this class focuses on things that I'm actually interested in and truly passionate about.
Unfortunately, I'm so passionate about it that I stop working every 10 seconds to find someone who will listen to me blab about what I just learned.
(Normally, this person is Sean.  Bless his patience.)
Now, it's Thursday and I've only completed one assignment... 
Are you nervous for me?
I am.

Now... back to coffee, textbooks, and a very high heart rate.
I'll report how I do on the other side.
Thanks for the break.
Mae Mae

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