July 25, 2011

Auntie Ruth Needs Help...

One thing we love about our adoption agency is that it is first and foremost a humanitarian agency. If there is any way for a child to stay with their biological family, they work to get that child sponsored instead of adopted.  If a child is sponsored, the agency assists the biological family in providing food and education for the child. 

Since the beginning of our agency’s work in Ghana, they have had the honor of meeting and working with some very special people.  One such person is a woman named Auntie Ruth.  Auntie Ruth served as a caregiver at a Ghanaian orphanage and now runs a private foster home, where she takes great care of  children waiting for adoption.  Her home is in a small line of apartments and the entire complex sees Aunti Ruth’s as a gathering place for the tenants (which includes 6 other AAI sponsored children.)

When you first walk into Auntie Ruth’s apartment, there is one little room that contains the kitchen and bathroom.  Unfortunately,  authorities have decided the current bathroom setup is unacceptable, and have blocked the pipes to the toilets in the entire complex.   This means every tenant (including these precious children) do not have access to an indoor bathroom anymore.

In order to restore plumbing, Auntie Ruth must pay 1,500 cedis (roughly $1,000) of her own money to dig a hole, run a sewer line, and install a new toilet in the back of the home.  She cannot afford this expense and without toilets, the children are forced to walk 10 minutes to an unsanitary community toilet.  This is a scary walk for the kids and according to our coordinator, the community bathroom is simply “not a place for children.” 

If Aunti Ruth receives a toilet, not only will the kids living in her unit be able to use it, but the sponsored kids next door will have access as well.

If you feel led to assist, click HERE  and select "AAI Ghana Program" and in Donation Designation type “Ghana- toilet.”

Here is a picture of Auntie Ruth and one of the neighborhood "babes"… (I have been given permission to post this.)

Wishing you a Merry Monday,
Mae Mae

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